Properly preparing for your next visit

I NEED YOUR HAIR HANGING LOOSE WITH NO CLIPS OR PINS, COMPLETELY UNSTRETCHED AND LIVED IN FOR A DAY OR TWO. Carry your routine out as normal and come in with your hair looking as it would normally, day 2-3 hair is ideal if you have mastered your hair. If you still struggle with your hair, follow the steps above. Before your appointment, please carry out the following to maximise your appointment time;

1. Co-wash/Cleanse your hair as you normally would

2.Condition and detangle as you normally would

3.Style your hair as normal

4.P reserve and refresh as normal on the upcoming days. Pineapples, buffs and medusa clipping is perfect however please ensure you are not stretching your hair by braiding or placing your hair in a bun at night.

5.Ensure your hair is 100% dry on arrival


  • Arrive for your appointment with your hair cleansed & fully detangled the day of your appointment or the day before.

  • Come in with realistic expectations. No two heads of hair are the same, any curly hair pictures may not be achievable on your own curl type. 


  • Wear your hair in a pony tail or bun as this makes cutting your curls impossible, service will be compromised if instructions are not followed I.E. I will be unable too do anything further than a trim.

  •  Style your hair with gel or hair spray

  • Use heavy butters or oils in your hair

It is essential that you arrive with your hair hanging loosely in its natural curl pattern with no clips or pins, failure to do so will impact your experience and end result. Please understand that if failure to prep does alter the end result, I cannot be held liable. A curl by curl service cannot be carried out on straight or artificially curled hair,I only want the best for your curls!